Upcoming Events

July 6th 2022 6pm Berlin, 5 pm London

"From Philosophy to AI Ethics", with Ravit Dotan, PhD

Organiser: Ludovica Adamo, Head of Operations @ Let's Phi

Join us for a conversation with Ravit Dotan, PhD. Ravit is a domain expert in AI ethics, specializing in helping startups and investors develop AI ethics strategies. She consults, publishes her research in top journals, and gives talks to diverse audiences. Ravit has a PhD in philosophy from UC Berkeley, and she was recently a fellow at the world-leading centre for Philosophy of Science at Pittsburgh University.

Past events

June 7th 2022: The Future of Law-Tech (with Federico Ast) (Organiser: Konrad Urban)

April 21st 2022: Ethics for Preventing Global Catastrophe (with McKenna Fitzgerald) (Organiser: Ludovica Adamo)

January 2021: Public Engagement and Public Writing for Philosophers (Organiser: Ludovica Adamo)

November 2021: Bioethics and Ethics Consulting for Tech Companies (Organiser: Ludovica Adamo)

October 2021: Ethics Consulting (Organiser: Ludovica Adamo)

July 2021: High-impact Mentoring (Organiser: Ludovica Adamo)

July 2021: Professional Ethics Consultancy (Organisers: Ludovica Adamo & Ronja Griep)

June 2021: Philosophers working for the UK Government (Organiser: Ludovica Adamo)

May 2021: Philosophy in the AI industry (Organised by Joshua Bucheli)

April 2021: Philosophy, Communication, and Economic Survival (Organised by Joshua Bucheli)

April 2021: AI Ethics (Organised by Joshua Bucheli)

March 2021: Philosophers in Media. CONFERENCE, 200+ attendees, 10+ speakers

March 2021: Leveraging Philosophy Degree in Public Policy (Organised by Joshua Bucheli)

March 2021: Chief Philosophy Officers? (Organised by Joshua Bucheli)

February 2021: Hunting for non-academic jobs (Organised by Joshua Bucheli)

January 2021: Business & Philosophy (Organised by Joshua Bucheli)

December 2020: CV workshop with Mind the Grad (Organised by Konrad Urban)

September 2020: Philosophers Running the World? CONFERENCE. Focus: ethics & politics. 250+ attendees, 15+ speakers. (Organised by Ronja Griep, Ludovica Adamo, Joshua Bucheli, Konrad Urban)

July 2020: Life After Philosophy? CONFERENCE. 200+ attendees, 10+ speakers, 5 industry experts