with Alex Yates, PhD

June 1tth, at 5 pm London time (6 pm CET)

Past events

May 11th 2023: Philosophers Working in Decentralised Finance (with Christina Norgard Rud) (Organiser: Konrad Urban)

April 12th 2023: Operationalising Philosophy for Risk (with Noam Maoz) (Organiser: Ludovica Adamo)

November 12th 2022: Web3 Needs Philosophers (with Fotis Tsiroukis) (Organiser: Ludovica Adamo)

October 18th 2022: From Philosophy to Ethics Consulting (with Dr Kevin Macnish) (Organiser: Ludovica Adamo)

October 4th 2022: Investing in Norm-Subverting Tech (with Steven Robinson & Guanlan Mao) (Organiser: Konrad Urban)

August 20th 2022: From Philosophy to Cybersecurity-Recruitment (with Joshua Bucheli) (Organiser: Ludovica Adamo)

July 6th 2022: From Philosophy to AI Ethics (with Ravit Dotan, PhD) (Organiser: Ludovica Adamo)

June 7th 2022: The Future of Law-Tech (with Federico Ast) (Organiser: Konrad Urban)

April 21st 2022: Ethics for Preventing Global Catastrophe (with McKenna Fitzgerald) (Organiser: Ludovica Adamo)

January 2021: Public Engagement and Public Writing for Philosophers (with Joshua Habgood-Coote, PhD) (Organiser: Ludovica Adamo)

November 2021: Bioethics and Ethics Consulting for Tech Companies (with Geoff Keeling, PhD) (Organiser: Ludovica Adamo)

October 2021: Ethics Consulting (with Christine Jakobson, PhD) (Organiser: Ludovica Adamo)

July 2021: High-impact Mentoring (with Kathryn Mecrow-Flynn) (Organiser: Ludovica Adamo)

July 2021: Professional Ethics Consultancy (with Jim Baxter, PhD) (Organisers: Ludovica Adamo & Ronja Griep)

June 2021: Philosophers working for the UK Government (with Sara Casali) (Organiser: Ludovica Adamo)

May 2021: Philosophy in the AI industry (Organised by Joshua Bucheli)

April 2021: Philosophy, Communication, and Economic Survival (Organised by Joshua Bucheli)

April 2021: AI Ethics (Organised by Joshua Bucheli)

March 2021: Philosophers in Media. CONFERENCE, 200+ attendees, 10+ speakers 

March 2021: Leveraging Philosophy Degree in Public Policy (Organised by Joshua Bucheli)

March 2021: Chief Philosophy Officers? (Organised by Joshua Bucheli)

February 2021: Hunting for non-academic jobs (Organised by Joshua Bucheli)

January 2021: Business & Philosophy (Organised by Joshua Bucheli)

December 2020: CV workshop with Mind the Grad (Organised by Konrad Urban)

September 2020: Philosophers Running the World? CONFERENCE. Focus: ethics & politics. 250+ attendees, 15+ speakers. (Organised by Ronja Griep, Ludovica Adamo, Joshua Bucheli, Konrad Urban)

July 2020: Life After Philosophy? CONFERENCE. 200+ attendees, 10+ speakers, 5 industry experts